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Solvents & Petroleum Distillates

Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

FBC offers a wide variety of aliphatic solvents. The listings below are our most popular ones.
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• Hexane
• Heptane
• VM&P
• Mineral Spirits
o Rule 66
o Odorless Mineral Spirits
o Regular Mineral Spirits
• Shellsol D-series
• 142 Solvent
• Other items from Calumet, American Refining, and Shell

Aromatic Hydrcarbons

• Toluene
• Xylene
• 100 Solvent
• 150 Solvent


• Acetone
• Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)
• Methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK)
• Methyl amyl ketone (MAK)
• Cyclohexanone
• Di acetone alcohol

Zero-VOC Solvents

• Volatile silicones (D4 and D5)
• Acetone

Chlorinated Solvents

• Perchlorethylene
• Trichlorethylene
• Methylene chloride

Custom Solvent Blends

FBC Chemical can produce custom solvent blends to your specifications in batches as small as 55 gallons. Ask a sales representative for more details.