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For over 45 years, FBC Chemical has distributed specialty and commodity chemicals to manufacturers in the northeastern United States. We’ve done this through making customer service and personal attention our number one goal.

When you become a customer of FBC, you will get your own customer service representative who will get to know you and the unique services needed to help make your company a success. We’ll work with you on all aspects of your business, whether that means stocking specialized inventory, helping you to formulate new products, or on-demand delivery. Our sales staff has decades of experience helping people like you navigate the chemical industry.

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Recent Posts

Triethanolamine and its variants

Choosing the correct grade of TEA Triethanolamine is commonly found in countless formulations that range from industrial metalworking formulas to baby shampoo. There are four common grades of TEA, and ...

Introducing GTL: A Newly Invented Class of Solvents

Shell Chemicals has recently commercialized a new process that turns natural gas into a synthetic paraffinic fluid. They call this process gas to liquid (GTL) technology. With this technological advance, ...

How the Filipino Typhoon Will Affect Surfactant Markets

The devastating typhoon that recently swept the Philippines exacted a tragic loss of life, property and natural resources. As we all participate in a global economy, the destruction of the ...

Understanding Biodegradability

The word “biodegradable” is defined as “Capable of decaying through action of living organisms.” From this definition one can gather that “biodegradability” is simply the capacity for a particular material ...

Ethylene Oxide supply issues

This year, a number of North American ethylene oxide producers will take their EO plants offline for scheduled maintenance. As a major feedstock, EO supply affects numerous raw materials. A ...

Why is the D-limonene price so volatile?

Of all the products in our line, D-Limonene by far has the most volatile price. This can play havoc with cost management efforts of blenders and manufacturers that use a ...

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