FBC Chemical Interview

FBC Chemical Interview with Made in Medina County

We are proud to announce that the FBC Chemical interview with Made in Medina County is now available online. Dave Hudac, former president of FBC Chemical, sits down with Made in Medina County to discuss our move to Medina County and how it has positively impacted the company and the surrounding region. To read the full article, click here.

Back in 2001, FBC Chemical built a warehouse facility in Medina County to help service our growing demand and improve our blending and formulating capabilities.  In addition to outlining our past and current contributions, Dave also discusses what the future holds for us and Medina County. It is an honor to tell our story of how we came to be in Medina County.

“We love the city and the county! Representatives have been the most proactive and responsive of any of our plants,  and  FBC appreciates the support. The location is great with access to all the major highways and easy ways to reach our customers. And the rail service is invaluable. Chemicals is a highly regulated industry, and we build the safety needs into everything we do. We also have inspectors and regular external audits for safety. Overall, we appreciate the city’s understanding of what we do and how we do it.”     – Dave Hudac, FBC Chemical

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